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Exhibition and Event Logistics in Russia and the CIS!

Exhibition logistics – full service from door to door

We understand the trade fair business. We know that exhibitions and events make great demands on logistics and that changes on short notice are the name of the game. Whether we work as the accredited on-site forwarder with our own equipment or as the established partner to a local on-site forwarder, with our first-class service, your trade fair presentation will be a success!

We accompany you from the first contact to the return transport of your goods, thus providing you with true door-to-door service. Secure in the knowledge that we will get the job done, you can leave the exhibition logistics to us and concentrate on other important aspects of your presence at the event.

Event logistics – here this morning and there in the evening

In addition to regular trade fairs, we have years of experience in logistical support of events, conferences and symposia in hotels, museums, theatres or in public spaces such as the Red Square in Moscow (Louis Vuitton Showcase).

Furthermore, we have experience through our work for a number of customer events such as showroom presentations, company anniversaries or motorsport events, for example for Infiniti at the Moscow Raceway.

Roadshows, with their typically short setting-up and dismantling times (such as the UEFA Road Show through Eastern Europe and several CIS countries) are also a part of our core competencies.

Logistics consulting – Logistics are logic

You can take advantage of our logistics know-how in projects that go above and beyond exhibitions and events, whether it is a question of establishing spare parts distribution in Russia, moving an entire production plant, or developing a customized transport concept designed especially for your distribution channels.

Our multilingual team benefits from regular training sessions and will accompany you from the earliest planning phase to the final realization of your project. We will keep an eye on all the details without losing sight of your goal.

Project logistics – from tiny gems to heavy haulage

We can implement complete projects for you as turnkey solutions. When the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow underwent major renovation work, for example, we were responsible for the ensuing relocation of all the museum exhibits.

300,000 items were given a barcode and recorded in a central register. 200 carpenters built individual cases for each and every exhibit – from the Sputnik satellite to a Russian steam engine to the first Soviet atom bomb. All of the items were removed from the old building without the use of freight elevators and safely brought to various modern warehouses. Since then we have been responsible for the all aspects of warehousing logistics for the Polytechnic Museum.